Monthly Archives: July 2016

Pastrami Sandwich

The famous New Your Deli, Pastrami Sandwich is served on a Rye Bread with Horseradish, Swiss Cheese, Blue Cheese, Lettuce and a touch of Dijon Mustard.  Not really European but it doesn't get better then that. The sandwich is available as Tea Sandwich or Full Size Sandwich with Wheat Bread - Ready to go.
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Roast Beef Sandwich

Our Roast Beef Sandwich is cooked mid rare and typically served on a crunchy white bread with a base of a tiny bit of Mayo,  a Spicy Mango Chutney, Lettuce, and Pickles. The Roast Beef Sandwich is available as a Tea Sandwich - ideally to combine with other sandwiches at Tea Time.  Or as a…
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Cucumber Sandwich

Our cucumber sandwich is offered on Wheat Bread or Sourdough - made with a base of Cream Cheese and fresh Cucumber + seasoning.  The sandwich is offered in two sizes, either as a Tea Sandwich or a full Sandwich which is also available in a Ready made Togo Package.
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